Family Law

Family Law

  • Divorces, child custody issues, modifications, suits affecting parent-child relationships
  • Team approach, client-centered

Dodd Law Offices, PLLC handles all family law cases including divorces, child custody issues, modifications of parent-child relationships and suits affecting parent-child relationships. These types of situations can be very emotionally draining and difficult while restructuring one’s family.

Our firm will work with you to protect your children, assets, and your future. Dodd Law Offices, PLLC will guide families through this process and assist them in making an efficient transition because we feel the client is an integral part of this process. We discuss, as a team, each stage and its developments as we navigate your case together.

Our attorney will assist and advise you if this is an agreed divorce or modification, or if it requires court involvement. We are client-centered and will keep your best interest at the forefront throughout all decision-making processes.

Collaborative Family Law

  • No formal courtroom proceedings
  • Clients maintain control
  • Team approach
  • Educate and assist in restructuring families

In order for families to be impacted as little as possible while going through a divorce or modification, and so their children may be brought through the process with as minimal an impact as possible, families should explore the collaborative law process.

The collaborative law process allows families to navigate through this situation without formal courtroom proceedings.

The individuals, who best know the children, make the decisions regarding those children – the parents.

The individuals, who best know their property, make the decisions regarding that property – the individuals involved in the marriage or relationship.

Families are not leaving this decision up to an individual who has limited information about their situation, children, and property.

This process incorporates a team of individuals working on the behalf of families to assist them in reaching decisions that are best for their family.  This team includes both spouses, attorneys for spouses, a financial specialist, a mental health specialist, and any other individual/specialist the team feels is important to help this family properly restructure.

For more information about the collaborative law process, please contact one of our offices.

Texas Department of Family and Protective Services

  • Client centered approach
  • Best interest of the children and family
  • Aims for family reunification
  • Zealously advocates for client whether parent or child

Dodd Law Offices, PLLC handles cases that involve the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (referred to as TDFPS, formally known as CPS).

When TDFPS becomes involved with your family, it can be a very stressful and upsetting situation.  Dodd Law Offices, PLLC has the knowledge and experience to guide you through this process as we have represented both parents and children in these types of cases.

We work on protecting the rights of our client, whether that be a parent or child involved with TDFPS, that is the subject of an investigation or a removal.  Our firm’s goal is to reunify these families in the best way possible while keeping the children safe and protected.   We assist families in finding the services required that meet the needs of everyone involved.

At Dodd Law Offices, PLLC we work with our parent clients to explain how this system works by assisting them in obtaining services needed to work toward family reunification and zealously advocating for their rights.  When representing children we listen to their concerns, assisting them in getting their needs met whether these requirements are educational, emotional, or physical.