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Jackie Dodd

Jackie Dodd

Attorney at Law

Board Certified in Juvenile Law with the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

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Protecting Futures

Your children and family are important to you. There may be times when your child makes mistakes or poor choices that should not affect the rest of his or her life. There may come a time when you find yourself in a legal situation that requires expert assistance and representation.

Areas of Practice

Juvenile Criminal Defense

The juvenile court system is very specialized and requires expertise.  All juveniles must be represented by an attorney. We represent and defend juveniles’ rights in court. 

Adult Criminal Defense

We handle all cases from class C misdemeanors through all levels of felony charges.  Adults have the opportunity to have their criminal records non-disclosed or expunged.


We offer mediation that occurs in a less formal setting than a courtroom and can save you time and money. In most cases, mediation can provide a legally enforceable outcome, similar to going to court.

Family Law

We handle all family law cases including divorces, child custody issues, modifications of parent-child relationships and suits affecting parent-child relationships.

Special Education Law

We aid in educating families as to their rights and what their children are entitled to in their academic environment, and as to resources available in the school setting.


5 gold stars

“Jackie Dodd demonstrated a breadth of knowledge and expertise when I hired her to represent my autistic juvenile in a highly complex criminal case.  Starting with his initial arraignment and throughout the entire process, she was supporting, caring and compassionate.  Her communication with both me and  his father ensured that we all knew what was happening at all times.  She successfully litigated the case and kept him out of the prison system and into a mental health facility.  Jackie’s expertise is highly esteemed within the court system as well, demonstrated by the fact that the prosecutor and judge looked to Jackie regarding juvenile code and interpretation.  For potential clients seeking legal representation where special needs are involved, I highly recommend Jackie Dodd.”

D. A.

Murphy, TX

5 gold stars

“When we met Jackie, we were at a point where our family could not see anything ahead but brick walls.  She listened to our concerns, giving us her honest and realistic opinion.  Her demeanor is personable, but her expertise is clear and direct.  She is a keenly knowledgeable professional and yet also real.

Jackie truly gets it, she understood our goals as parents, and gave us hope that reaching a positive outcome was indeed possible.  She has an uncanny ability to guide parents through the maze of understanding the laws, and also how the system is supposed to work for our kids.  Then she does what Jackie does best – she gets it done!

Our case had a positive outcome- and it is because of Jackie.  Our family is truly thankful! “


5 gold stars

“My husband and I can’t say enough great things about Jackie Dodd. Every time we informed judge, prosecutors, probation officers, etc., that she was representing my child, we were told that without a doubt she is the most qualified lawyer to handle our case. In a judicial system that doesn’t have a clear understanding of mental health issues, it was a breath of fresh air to have someone advocate for my child thoroughly by educating all parties involved about our unique circumstances. With the charges my child had, getting sent to a juvenile center until he was an adult would have been the likely outcome. But because of Jackie’s extensive knowledge on special education, extreme consideration was taken during hearings and sentencing. Without Jackie as our lawyer, my child would not be home with me as I write this testimonial. She is solely responsible for my son’s freedom. God forbid another situation arises where I need a juvenile defense lawyer. But if it does, I would not hesitate to hire her again. She was worth every penny”

Extremely Satisfied Client